What Changes Will the Launch of Opporty Bring to Companies of Smaller Scope?

What is Holding Back Progress?

The fact: Small and mid-sized businesses make up 90% of the enterprise sector. American business in particular are overwhelmingly made up of small businesses, so it follows that companies of smaller scope and not business giants form the basis for future development of the economy.

The problem: Thousands of small and mid-sized businesses fall into oblivion due to the inability to survive their first year of operation. They are pressed to compete amongst themselves and at the same time, they have to deal with the pressure of bigger players taking control of the market share.

The sad truth is that large numbers of newly launched small businesses that offer really distinctive and unique products and services fail to see the light of the day. They often lack the capacity and resources to effectively showcase their unique selling points over that of their competitors to target audiences. And even if they are able to effectively market their businesses, they face much stiffer challenges such as the ability to scale and measuring up to bigger players later on.

Some big businesses have sort of grown to the point of too-big-to-fail. They are able to dictate their rules and practices, defining what products and services should look like, and how business processes and employees should be managed. They have undergone standardization, something that not every company has the money, time and expertise to implement.

While the importance of marketing is pretty clear – it kickstarts a business by putting its name in front of the right audience – it might be difficult to grasp how standardization can be a game-changer for smaller businesses. With standardization in place, businesses are able to build order within and beyond their walls. Precise standards define every aspect of business operations, ranging from what skills a potential job candidate should have to what a final product should look like.

Standardization raises another serious concern. Having rules in place requires someone to make sure that everyone is playing by them. This is a matter of control and policing. Someone must guarantee that standards are met no matter what, otherwise, standardization is useless.

These are major concerns – the inability to market, standardization and control – that small and mid-sized companies share in common. The nature of these problems is different for every business, but they are equally harmful to smaller enterprises.

How Will Opporty Change the Marketplace?

Opporty is about to dismantle the roadblocks faced by small and medium businesses by introducing a solution combining the advantages of two technological trends – on-demand and blockchain. Opporty is a decentralized service-focused business platform with a crypto-enabled marketplace, providing a remedy for the many everyday challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses.

Opporty is a fully-operational lead generation platform that already has thousands of active users – businesses, individual contractors, industry experts and potential clients. It is a trusted service with a strong community that eliminates the need for huge marketing budgets. Upon registration, businesses put their brands directly in front of thousands of prospects who are looking for opportunities to cooperate.

Blockchain technology paired with smart contracts makes it possible for parties to exchange services and complete transactions in a safe and transparent manner. On the platform, each interaction can be protected by a smart contract. Smart agreements between contracting parties reduce the risks of fraud and bad faith. Each smart contract is a set of well-thought-out conditions that define the flow and the outcome of a particular interaction. This is how standardization can be achieved with Opporty.

The issue of implementation control is tackled by Escrow judges. Decentralized Escrow services set Opporty apart from other solutions offering Escrow arbitration.

Opporty does not take part in the appointment of judges, and the responsibility for voting for judges lies with users themselves. If a conflict arises in a decentralized environment, Escrow judges are not inclined to favor either party. The judges guarantee that interests of both parties are protected and that contract conditions are implemented.

Opporty is a single digital platform that is able to address some serious concerns faced by small and mid-sized businesses during the early stages of development. Having worked with businesses from all over the world, Opporty’s team understands how hard it is for small businesses to establish a solid foundation. The team understands how to make the process of launching a business smoother and less painful.

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