Cash Poker Pro – Your Modern Day Poker Room

A number of online casinos today run a shrewd system such that unless a Gamer executes a ‘PLAY’ command and actually plays, no withdrawal can be made on the amount deposited. This aside, players might also lose their funds in diverse ways such as they being accused of cheating or in some instances a casino may just go kaput – More often than not, situations of this nature are not accidental.

Additionally, fees that pertain to the transfer and withdrawal of funds can sometimes run as high as 10% or more and this is a huge disincentive to the player.

Also, a substantial number of online casinos operate a centralized system which is supposed to generate numbers randomly and this system is susceptible to manipulations and machinations. This breeds a lot of mistrust had unpleasant consequences for patronage and returns or gains made by online casino companies.


Cash Poker Pro’s Solution

Cash Poker will be making use of a decentralized gaming platform and as such will be immune to manipulations. It will also enable an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet feature; this way, players will be given more autonomy over their deposits and withdrawals as well as decide how and when they choose to play games on the platform – This is practically a total democratization of the online casino gaming experience.

As it stands, there is no online casino operating with a fully-fledged Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG) and Cash Poker Pro will be making this available through the power of blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology will present gamers and casino owners alike with a transparent system and public ledger so that stakeholders can view and track gaming transactions in real time.

The mission is to level the playing field for all and sundry to play and create their own poker room based on the Cash Poker Pro concept all-be-it either anonymously or otherwise. Gaming will be decentralized and ease of deposits and withdrawals will ensure an optimal online poker experience for players.

The Cash Poker Pro Presale & Crowdsale

The team has years of experience and done extensive research in the field and are very knowledgeable on how to rake in good returns as a result. They have therefore decided to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the expansion of their frontiers in the online casino space to eliminate the existing bottlenecks and improve the experiences of stakeholders. They are running a model that liberates both players and casino owners alike and also ensures optimal returns to both parties.

Cash Poker Pro will commence their fundraising campaign with a Presale event which will go live on the 26th of August, 2017 and then followed by the main ICO which happens much later in November. Thinking of owning a stake in a reliable online casino enterprise? Then you might want to consider partaking in the Cash Poker Pro crowdsale events here.

For more details, follow the Cash Poker Pro ICO.

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