Bonpay – Your Crypto Service for the Now and the Future

Leveraging their years of professional experience in the fields of cryptocurrency, the crack Bonpay team are availing the market with a medium of payment that is set to take cryptocurrency-based transactions mainstream and integrate its usage with everyday cash and fiduciary settlement systems.

Bonpay has been created to ease the use of cryptocurrencies in mainstream market. The Bonpay wallet, an easy and convenient medium of payment has already launched and presented to users of any device with a fully-functioning web-version. Also the Bonpay app will be available for free download to all Android and iOS users early next year. By downloading the Bonpay app, users automatically get access to a secure multi-currency wallet. The wallet can be loaded with various cryptocurrencies available on the market.

Bonpay also presents payment card option, which includes virtual and plastic debit cards. The Bonpay card is the latest technology available in the space that enables the withdrawal of cryptocurrenies in their fiduciary currency equivalent. This option ensures the simplicity of usage of cryptocurrencies and helps with its mainstream adoption. The card is has been developed to ensure the maximum security as much as possible for users’ digital currencies and assets.

Bonpay has already issued 1000 plastic cards to its users and this number is growing fast. With every new day more and more crypto enthusiasts and ordinary people become users of Bonpay services. You can join too. Just register account at Bonpay and start using crypto in everyday life.

Why should you choose Bonpay?

With its user friendly interface, one does not need to be a tech guru to be able to navigate the wallet and later – app. The simplicity of the interface design allows users to easily transfer and receive currencies as well as stay abreast with exchange rates every second.

Bonpay allows users to make transfers of crypto in a regime of transparency all over the world. With the launch of DLN (Decentralized Liquidity Network) the service will offer lower exchange rates over 125 currencies, fiat and crypto. There is a comprehensive explanation in their whitepaper, you should definitely read it. The technologies of Bonpay are based on decentralisation and blockchain, as such you there is very little need to worry about the security and safety of your assets and currencies.

It is also important to highlight that the multiple currency storage and usage option that Bonpay presents helps users to diversify their risk and ultimately ensure that the value of their assets is protected.

Bonpay does not just present itself as a medium of asset storage, it also avails itself as a medium of asset inter-convertibility.

How can you help Bonpay?

For realisation of all great ideas and further development Bonpay launches Initial Token Sale, which started on October 31, 2PM London time. Everybody (except those in the USA) can participate and become proud holders of BON tokens. The price for 1 BON token will be 0,02 ETH and the minimum purchase amount is 10 BON. Also Bonpay has bonuses for early birds, check their website to learn more.

But do not think that purchasing BON tokens will only take your money. All BON token holders will receive an incentive of 0,65% from each payment made by Bonpay Сard owners. Accumulative amount of fees from these transactions will determine reward pool. Bonpay’s goal is to distribute this reward regularly in ETH (or in BON tokens on client’s request) every six months and subsequently, every month.

The ICO is planned to end on November 28, 2PM London time, so don’t miss the chance to participate. Join Bonpay to be on a crest of technology wave.

For more details, follow the Bonpay ICO here.

Disclaimer: This write-up is sponsored and does not fully reflect the opinions of any ICOWatchlist employee. It is not an investment or trading guide. It is advisable that you do your own independent research.