BLOCKv – Your Virtual Goods One-stop-shop

As cryptocurrencies gain widespread acceptance and usage, more and more industries are plugging-in, and the Virtual Reality (VR) industry is one of such that have become active players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Several VR and AR enterprises have combined their operations with the exciting features of blockchain technology to present the world with awesome end-products – one of such companies is BLOCKv that seeks to provide developers with the building blocks to design an experimental economy of the future that will enable them to unlock new business prospects and opportunities within the growing cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

BLOCKv aims to take the concept of digital and virtual good ownership a step further — a step that will mean real world value for hitherto assets and properties which we cannot touch. The BLOCKv platform ushers in a new and transformational asset class called vAtoms (virtual atoms). vAtoms will be the foundation of the emerging virtual goods economy.

As the use of modern technology by humans increases, the more important digital objects and assets become to us. Digital assets or goods such as in-game objects like vehicles, machinery, swords, crystals e.t.c to virtual payment cards, art works, online intellectual property, digital music store, books and other media are increasingly accounting for our individual net worth as such a reason to start taking them as seriously as we take physical assets and resources.

The growth of AR and VR environment is likely to catalyze and accelerate the integration of the digital world with our real world. With the advancements in tech, we will be spending a lot more of our times in the mixed Augmented and Virtual Reality world as such the virtual objects, tools and resources we use will increasingly become native to us and the environments in which we play and so will these objects traverse between both worlds.

BLOCKv aims to bring digital objects and assets to life and it is offering to take the world along in this quest to make the virtual a reality. BLOCKv is offering to have the world participate in this exciting journey as it carries out its Initial Coin Offering by making its VEE tokens available for purchase from the 19th of October up to the 24th of October, 2017. These 5-days will afford believers and supporters of the BLOCKv project an opportunity to be early active participants in a movement that will change the world forever.

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