BLOCKLANCER – The Blockchain Solution To Freelance Jobs

The Blocklancer Team after years of experience in the freelancing job market decided to come together to pull off a project that will alleviate the plethora of issues the freelancing industry is plagued with. The team as a whole has an in-depth understanding of the freelance job market as well as years of education and work experience in the computer and blockchain technology fields.

The Blocklancer project has been developed using very simple algorithms hitched on smart contract to address key thematic areas of the freelancing space which includes but not limited to;

  • The refusal of the paying-party to pay the agreed the amount
  • Fake job reviews
  • The uncontrollable influence of a central authority figure in the freelancing job market.

The project has created a new form of market; The Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) which is a completely self-regulatory system that will work in the interest of all parties involved in a freelance job agreement. The DAJ mechanism will to a large extent help to settle disputes between customers and freelancers.

The Freelancing industry is one of the world’s fastest growing markets with more individuals seeking flexibility in their work schedule. In the US alone, the combined revenue of the entire freelance workforce is estimated to be in the region of $1trillion in the past year alone.

The Blocklancer ICO

The Blocklancer project is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Participating in the Blocklancer ICO gives you Lancer (LNC) tokens which will enable you receive fees for the jobs you execute using the Blocklancer platform.

The token also represent the share you have in the Blocklancer project. So aside being able to pay for services and getting paid for job rendered with the LNC tokens, you also earn a share of the revenue generated by the Blocklancer project.

Holding an LNC token gives you an opportunity to passively earn income. Blocklancer charges a 3% fee in making an employment contract on the platform and 100% of these fees will be distributed among token holders. The LNC tokens will also be tradable.

Blocklancer has no pre-ICO, this way the value of the token is preserved instead of the usual drop that is more often-than-not characterises tokens sold during pre-ICOs due to flipping by some early token adopters.

To take part in the Blocklancer crowdsale, click here.

Disclaimer: This write-up is sponsored and does not fully reflect the opinions of any ICOWatchlist employee. It is not an investment or trading guide. It is advisable that you do your own independent research.