Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus in October: What Will Keynote Speakers Talk About?

On October 10, Minsk will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus dedicated to cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and ICOs. It is the second time that international organizer Smile-Expo holds the event in the capital of Belarus. The previous event more than 400 guests in attendance and it involved experts from five countries.

This year, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus will give special attention to legal issues, i.e laws that guide anti-money laundering, how to launch an ICO correctly and enhance reputation using Blockchain technology: these and other things will be revealed and discussed by experts from various countries and sectors.

Artur Kuczmowski: How to combat money laundering on the cryptocurrency market

Artur Kuczmowski is the senior partner at the international group of boutique law firms – Thompson&Stein which specializes in law and tax consulting in the Blockchain industry. Artur is a lawyer with long-term experience and he has authored dozens of specialized articles in industry publications.

At the conference, he will talk about AML and KYC procedures as well as explain why they will be useful for anti-money laundering in the cryptocurrency market and how legal regulations in European countries and directives of the European Union have changed the attitude to cryptocurrencies.

Gerbert Shopnik: Application of Blockchain in state and commercial economic sectors

Gerbert Shopnik is a key customer and partners relations manager at Bitfury. He has long-term experience in working for such major international IT companies such as Microsoft, VMware, and Lanit. He specializes in cloud technologies and Blockchain.

Gerbert will tell the audience how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is applied in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and the USA as well as review scenarios for the public sector and commercial organizations in Belarus.

Dmitry Machikhin: The legal aspects of ICOs   

After working for a leading law firm called Clifford Chance in Paris and Luxemburg, Dmitry Machikhin became a partner at GMT Legal in Moscow. Currently, he professionally advises IT companies and startups around the world. Besides, he has launched several of his own projects. Since 2017, he has been on the Board of Directors of Midex IT.

At Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, Dmitry will focus on ICO launching strategies. He will educate the audience on what details should be taken into account prior to the token sale process, how to choose an investor, define how much money an ICO should raise, and other ICO legal insights.

Serhii Bondarenko: New methods of loyalty management

Serhii Bondarenko is a lecturer at Deloitte Academy and the Chief Digital Officer at Deloitte Garage. He has been focusing on the IT and communication sector for 20 years. During this period, he became a leading technology specialist at Deloitte Ukraine as well as worked with Microsoft Ukraine, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, and Innovate.

Serhii believes that modern loyalty programs encumber customers with a variety of plastic cards, the majority of which are eventually lost. At the event, he will reveal the advantages of a new approach to the loyalty program for businesses and solutions available to Bonex ecosystem participants.

Vladimir Popov: How to build reputation using Blockchain

Vladimir Popov is a crypto expert and the head of Synergis law firm. He has been engaged in the branch of jurisprudence since 2005, specializing in IT legal issues.

Vladimir will explain why reputation systems are important in 2018 and why reputation is the P2P system of the future, as well as reveal the foundation of a Blockchain philosophy. Additionally, he will examine case studies for launching ICOs.

The list of speakers for the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Belarus keeps building up with renowned industry experts joining the ranks – this is just a highkight of speakers. You can find more speakers for the event on the website.

What is Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference?

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a series of the events held by Smile-Expo in 25 countries in conjunction with a numbers of partners like ICOWatchlist. These conferences are organized in different jurisdictions including Australia, Finland, France, Israel, Philippines, and other parts of the world.

Join the community of crypto enthusiasts at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus that will take place on October 10, 2018, in Minsk-based DoubleTree just close to the Hilton Hotel.