BitcoinDark Market Cap Appreciates by 315% Even as the Crypto-Market Slumps to a 10-Month Low

The Cryptocurrency market has largely witnessed a bearish market for the most part of 2018 especially in comparison with the year 2017. The market has been seen to take almost 80% dive in value since an all-time high of over $600 billion in market cap to the current $200 billion.

As at the 31st of August, 2018 the total Market cap for BitcoinDark hovered around $19 Million, but over the last one week or more, the cryptocurrency’s market cap has increased by as much 315% giving it a jump up to almost $80 Million (as at the time of publishing this article on the 12th of September, 2018).

It is quite curious to know how the relatively unpopular cryptocurrency is enjoying a boost as the entire market is bearish. According to graph from CoinMarketCap, it was interesting to note that there was much buying activity of the currency between the 8th and 10th of September, and then it went quiet on the 11th of September, and then renewed relative moderate activity on the 12th.

Could it be that a large bag holder of some of the popular cryptocurrencies has decided to move holdings into a coin with a small market cap to help recover and capture more gains, and then re-enter the more popular coin markets when the market begins to make a recovery? Such things remain some of the many puzzles which only the crypto-market can give.