Best Windows Desktop Cryptocurrency Wallets

In continuation of our series on the best forms of wallets for various gadgets and operating systems, this article will be focusing on our recommended top 5 wallets to use for the transaction and storage of your coins. In case you missed our previous wallet series, you can recap here (android) and here (ios).

As things stand, mobile wallets are more popular with cryptocurrency holders than desktop wallets are but almost all crypto-enthusiast need and use one form of desktop wallet or another especially for new crop of ICO investors. Even though there could be better and some other more secure wallets, but the following are our top five from the studies we did;

Download Armory Now


Even though it could be quite intimidating to users, Armory is known to be the most mature and full featured wallet for Bitcoins. It is known to score high points in terms of the security of coins be it for the small or large coin holder.  It gives much control to users and allows for the set-up of secure off-line sign-in process.

Download Copay Now


Copay is available of multiple platforms aside windows as such it makes it easier to use cross-gadgets. It has a simple and easy to understand user interface and seems to be a preference for a lot of bitcoin holders. It is a good wallet for businesses since it allows multiple signatories such that co-founders can create a wallet that requires different levels of sign-ins and coin access before a transaction can be executed.


Download Electrum Now


Electrum seems to be the most popular windows desktop wallet. This is attributable to its speed and ease of use. It brings such security that enables it to be used as an offline cold storage for your bitcoins if you have a spare computer not connected to the internet. It also allows integration with hardware wallets.


Download MultiBit HD Now

MultiBit HD

MulitBit HD is fast, secure and pretty much user-friendly. Just like electrum, it also supports hardware wallets like Trezor and a few others.


Download Bitcoin Core Wallet Now

Bitcoin Core

This is the official Bitcoin client wallet. It is however slow and as such not a favorite for a lot of people. It however provides privacy like none other due to the fact that it stores a copy of the entire blockchain. This feature it has ensures that it does not have to rely on third party sources for transaction information.