Barcelona is Creating a Blockchain Centre in City’s Tech Hub

Barcelona’s Tech City will be creating a space specifically meant for Blockchain technology development- this news was carried by La Vanguardia last week. The Blockchain centre is expected to house a couple of renowned Spanish Blockchain-inclined enterprises such as the Alastria Network.

The Barcelona Tech City was opened in the summer of 2016 and has since then led some innovative projects, with Blockchain Technology being one of its central focus. The Blockchain space will be located at the Centre’s second building near Pier01.

The Pier01 currently is home to more than 1000 professionals from various tech start-ups and innovation Hubs – this fall largely under the city’s digital ecosystem in the refurbished Palau de Mar. According to La Vanguardia, the different buildings of the Barcelona Tech City will be accessible by members of the ecosystem through the use of electric vehicles. The centre will also feature gyms, health enclaves, gaming and media hubs and many other ultra-modern facilities.

In November of 2017, tech enterprise SAP announced that it will be joining the Alastria Blockchain consortium which is made up of about 150 member organisations, including some Spanish Banks, Telcos and Higher Academic Institutions.