Astronaut – Your Professionally Managed ICO Token

Astronaut is being developed by a galaxy of select star individuals who have come together to form a team led by Matt Dibb. The team is made up of specialized hand-picked professionals with extensive experience across various market sectors.

The vision of the team is to help individual navigate the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) investment and the broader cryptocurrency world with little effort. With their years of experiences in related fields that can be transferred to ICO and digital asset investments, they aim to make the Astronaut platform available to a wide array of people so they can also be participants in an emerging boisterous industry to make good returns on their investments.

Astronaut will be the first publicly available asset management platform which will leverage infrastructure and technological expertise of some of the industry’s leading blockchain analysts. The platform will be so structured to give investors and speculators an opportunity to earn quarterly income bonuses, through an exchanged based token.

Astronaut’s core mandate will be centered on taking advantage of potentially high-yielding presale and ICO tokens, upcoming blockchain token projects as well as make forays into undervalued liquid exchange traded tokens. The team aims to employ a hybrid investment approach into ICOs and altcoin trading. Astronaut will also be making conservative investment into short term fixed interest tokens to create a balanced managed portfolio for token holders.

The team will practically be on the lookout for new ICO tokens with potential for profit. Investment decisions will be based on educated research about the ICO projects and their potential token value.

Astronaut subscribers will have access to review and monitor their investments and token performance at anytime they so wish. With an unparalleled access and transparency tool through the Astronaut Tracker App, token holders will be able to keep up with their investment yield per second. Users will also be able to monitor upcoming investment activities and quarterly bonus distribution right on their phones.

Astronaut takes transparency to the next level with its open ledger auditing feature. Every token holder will be able to audit project transactions, portfolio performance as well as capital allocations. Astronaut believes that a high level of unfettered access is key to building investor confidence and giving credibility to the project.

For those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets and do not have the requisite knowledge to do it by themselves, Astronaut is an entry point as it presents an opportunity to become a player in this emerging economic and financial system.

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