Amazon to Begin Accepting Bitcoin in October

In a newsletter from The James Altucher Report, Amazon is to begin accepting Bitcoin in the coming weeks. Amazon is expected to announce this move as early as 26th October.

James Altucher has co-founded in excess of 20 companies and he has authored more than a half-score of books. A former hedge fund manager and venture capitalist, he is now an activist blogger/podcaster. He is known to be quite reliable with his information in tech-circles.

His articles and podcasts have provided very intelligent insights into how to basically take advantage of this greed-driven world in a positive way.

He has in past had an opinion as to whether insider trading should be regarded as illegal where he is on record to have said;

”I don’t think it should be illegal. When someone makes a trade in the market, the knowledge they had in their heads is now encoded directly into the stock market.

The more the knowledge is baked into the market, the more efficient the market is. The more the insider knowledge that is in stock, the more smoothly they will move and they will reflect the actual things that are affecting a company.”

This newsletter revelation of his offers additional information covering topics about what cryptocurrency really is and how to invest in them.

Are other Companies Contemplating Cryptocurrencies?

It is rumored that some aspects of Google’s services are to begin accepting bitcoin soon whiles Ebay and PayPal already do.

Amazon in 2016 did partner with Digital Currency Group with its Web Services. Digital Currency Group is one of the biggest investors in bitcoin and blockchain-based startups.

This news has excited the larger cryptocurrency world since increasing general acceptance of digital currencies will only inure to a greater good for all.