ICO Focus: Interview With Alex Blazhevych of Bonpay

Hello Alex, what is Bonpay?

Bonpay is a cryptocurrency service that is bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat for daily use, making it simpler and faster. This way we strive to expand financial freedom for cryptocurrency users.

Can you highlight the features that are unique to Bonpay and set it apart from competition?

DLN system that opens new level of converting cryptocurrencies to each other and to fiat, simultaneously separating the risks, increasing the liquidity and, in a result, confidence in successful deal. Liquidity providers, exchanges and individuals will be able to cooperate instead of competing and to support an increase in liquidity. Due to DLN implementation transparent rates will take effect. Thus the most favorable rates will be used during the conversion. With our data protection system every client will be the one direct owner of all his assets, private keys and information.

Do you forsee blockchain solutions such as Bonpay spelling he demise of traditional banking system as we currently have it?

We believe, that cryptocurrencies will merge with traditional financial instruments to make perfect solution for modern world. That is why we need Bonpay, the service, that makes this bright future approachable. Bonpay reduces the gap between traditional currencies and cryptos and makes transactions as simple as possible.

Can you elaborate on the steps taken by the Bonpay platform to ensure that customers’ assets are made secure?

Clients’ security is our core philosophy. Our team has implemented several developments to realize safe interaction within Blockchain. It concerns our self-controlled data protection system, geolocation security

Briefly run us through how Bonpay’s token sale will be done?

Token sale will start on October 31st (2PM London). Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinCash and some ERC20 tokens will be accepted during the Token Sale. We decided to widen this list with Ethereum Classic, Ripple and Tether USDT for request of several investors. Thise interested in Ethereum Classic, Ripple or Tether USDT investments should please contact us at [email protected]

Ethereum and ERC20 investors will see the purchased amount of BON tokens in their wallets almost immediately after purchase. If you invest with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinCash, you should also provide ETH address in the signature from address you paid from.

Do you offer any bonuses for early birds?

Early investors will have up to 20% bonus of BON tokens.

There are also special bonuses for the major investors that includes such features as Limited Edition Black Card, exclusive affiliate program conditions, special access to the newest versions of our products (IOS/Android.apps, NFC, etc.).

Alex, it was great having this conversation. Wishing you a successful crowdsale ahead.

Thank you, ICOWatchlist has been awesome all through.

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