Ahoolee Is The World’s Premier Search Engine Dedicated To Online Shopping

The Ahoolee project is a unique one that looks at taking ecommerce to a whole new level of relevance. Unlike predecessor search engines, it will capitalise on the power of blockchain technology and the uniqueness of their own cryptocurrency to decentralise online shopping thereby creating an equal playing field for people in every corner of the globe.

The Challenge

Ahoolee takes into cognisance the bottlenecks and sometimes unrealistic requirements by existing online shopping platforms for sellers to sign up and has dedicated solutions to simplifying this ordeal.

Ahoolee also recognises the daunting tasks online shoppers are confronted with on a daily basis as they have to scroll through wads of irrelevant products until they stumble upon what they really need – or sometimes not. More often than not, buyers are faced with the debacle of product disparity between what they see online and what is actually delivered to them.

The restrictions and high fees charged by operating stakeholders of existing online shopping platforms has been a deterrent to the real global take-off of online shopping. Also, the majority of existing shopping platform do not have price comparison feature thereby adding to buyer’s frustrations.

As it stands, the modus operandi in the sector does not present an equal playing field for all and sundry.

The Solution

Ahoolee is presenting the world with a cross-border solution to the existing online shopping debacle. The platform will be enabled to automatically converge information thereby assisting with ease of product navigation. Consumers will be able to compare prices globally with just the click of a button and a single product card.

Sellers will be able to upload their products with only basic information requirement and fee-free subscription.

Price movements will be automatically monitored and updated with the help of blockchain as such incidences of price disparity will more or less not feature with the Ahoolee platform.

Ahoolee’s cryptocurrency will further level out the playing field so much so that a teenager in the remotest part of the world with internet access will be able to purchase that pair of sneaker he has always wanted from the best retailers in the world.

The Ahoolee Token

Ahoolee tokens (AHT) are issued on the back of the Ahoolee blockchain as an Ethereum fork. The tokens can be purchased through the platform’s internal exchange integrated into its wallets. Purchases of AHT can be done with Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or mainstream money such as USD, EURO or RUR.

Owning AHT represents an ownership of a piece of the global ecommerce market. With AHT you can purchase any product anywhere listed on the Ahoolee platform.

The Ahoolee ICO

In its pre-ICO, Aholee raised $200,000 in 30 minutes – Why? Because early investors and adopters see the potential project and the impact it will make in the daily lives of millions and more across the globe.

The main ICO event kicks off on the 28th of August, 2017. If you want an improved online shopping experience for yourself and others across the globe, then you should participate; http://ahoolee.io/

For more details, follow the Ahoolee ICO here.

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