Aftermath of Blockchain Life Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia

One of the largest international Blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining forum took place in St. Petersburg, Russia on the 7th and 8th of November, tagged Blockchain Life 2018.

The global industry event was attended by leading companies in the industry, including: world cryptocurrency exchanges (Okex, Huobi, etc.), mining giants Bitmain, Bitfury and, creators and top managers of key cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin Gold, NEM, etc.) as well as leading Asian funds investing in Blockchain startups.

In two days, the forum gathered more than 4,000 participants from different cities and countries in one place. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain funds from around the world were present, so were private investors, representatives of top digital coin and asset companies, crypto traders, owners of ICO projects, entrepreneurs, developers, miners and novice crypto enthusiasts. The conferences afforded international companies the platform to enter into partnerships and also hold collaboration-discussions on the sidelines. Crypto-newbie-participants were also able to personally communicate with world industry leaders.

Industry leaders gave unique presentations at the forum, these include Anatoly Kaplan (ForkLog), Vit Jedlička (President of Liberland), Tone Vays (Trader and Analyst), Jason Hu (World Blockchain Organization), Khalid Dianov (BigX) and other leading industry representatives.

The key moment of the forum was the thematic section “The State and Blockchain”, which was attended by the head of the working group on cryptocurrencies in the State of Duma Elina Sidorenko, advisor to the chairman of the board of Vnesheconombank Vladimir Demin, adviser to the Governor of St. Petersburg Artem Sheykin, member of the expert council on digital economics and Blockchain technologies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Venera Shaidullina. The section was moderated by the forum’s organizing lead, Sergey Khitrov.

Another memorable episode was the presentation of ICO-projects by investors and crypto funds from different countries – from Italy to China. As part of the ICO Pitch, 15 innovative project pitches were made, of which three of the most promising were noted: the HYGH media advertising providers platform, the CoinStruction multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange system, and the Blueshare token.

The organizing firm for the conference is a leading global agency for listing projects on cryptocurrency exchanges,

The main sponsor of the forum was the international platform Goldjob. Another prominent partner is the Swiss stock exchange for digital assets – BigX. Other sponsors and partners are Listing.Help, Bitlish cryptocurrency exchange, ICOWatchlist and SIMEX cryptocurrency exchange.

After the enchanting success of the forum in Russia, the organizers are planning to hold an event in the heart of Asia – Singapore, in the spring of 2019.