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Blockstack has been designed as the new internet for decentralized apps.

Blockstack ICO Logo
Founders Muneeb Ali, Ryan Shea, Jude Nelson, Aaron Blankstein, Larry Salibra, Gina Abrams
ICO Start 2017-11-01 00:00:00 UTC
ICO End 2017-11-13 00:00:00 UTC
Platform Blockchain
Country United States
Ticker PBC


White Paper

About The Blockstack ICO

The Blockstack team has built the platform as an open-source effort to re-decentralize the internet. Blockstack will be providing a new internet for decentralized applications and it will help in the facilitation of the process to ensure that users get to own their application data directly. Blockstack will be making use of the existing internet transport layer (TCP or UDP) and underlying communication protocols in the provision of its services. It will be focusing on the removal of points of centralization that exist at the application layer.
The platform will be supporting alternate transport layer protocols, such as new mesh networking protocols. The Blockstack network removes central points of failure and trust from the internet, like domain servers and certificate authorities, and enables high-performance personal storage for end-users.
In fact the network has been running in production for the past three years, and more than 74,000 domain names have been registered on it. Blockstack makes use of blockchain technologies and replicated data logs synchronized over peer networks to help it in propagating secure data bindings and discovery information.
Blockstack current build and make up can rival and even better any existing service provider on the market.

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