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Crypto robots are taking over digital assets trading at breathtaking speeds. The rise of crypto trading programs driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting the crypto trading industry.

Many traders are now using automated trading programs to bet on crypto. But what is a Bitcoin robot and which Bitcoin robots are legit? Our team has carried out in-depth tests on the popular robots to find out if they are a worthwhile investment. 

But first things first, crypto trading in general is risky and therefore only suitable for traders with high risk tolerance. Evaluate your finances carefully and only trade crypto with what you can afford to lose.

Top Bitcoin Robots 2023 According to Experts

bitcoin robot

The crypto industry is attracting the best inventions in automated trading in 2023. Background checks on the best-automated trading system show that most are built for the crypto sector.

This is expected since crypto is the most volatile asset class. Fast-paced trading is best suited for assets with high volatility. Our research team has investigated the top five trending Bitcoin robots in 2023. Learn the fact about these Bitcoin robots in this post.

  1. Bitcoin SystemBest for newbies and intermediate traders
  2. Quantum TradingPowerful Trading Algorithms for digital currencies
  3. Bitcoin RevolutionWide range of tradable crypto assets
  4. Ethereum CodeAvailable in more than 160 countries
  5. Bitcoin Aussie System Best in trading risk management

These are the five most popular Bitcoin robots on the internet today. We will do a brief review of each of these robots below. 

Please note that we do not offer financial advice and this review is not an endorsement. We only highlight the facts as established by leading expert reviewers.

What is a Bitcoin robot?

Bitcoin robots are a major trend in 2023 as investors flock to automated trading. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to the advancement of trading robots across all asset classes.

Some of the automated trading systems in the crypto market today have a history of generating incredible trading results. The most popular Bitcoin robots reportedly use similar algorithms to ChatGPT and Google Bard.

A number of the robots that we will review below claim using these technologies. Bitcoin robots can be semi-automated or fully automated. A semi-auto robot automates the trading process partially.

On the other hand, a fully automated bot automates the complete trading process. Fully automated trading bots are suitable for newbie traders. They may also be a good bet for the experts with limited trading time.

Very little human input is required to speculate on digital currencies through automated Bitcoin robots. Most of the Bitcoin robots reviewed below are fully automated. The semi-automated Bitcoin robots are only suitable for traders with some trading background.

Crypto robots allow traders to bet on the price swings of digital assets through unique financial derivatives. The most traded derivative is known as Contract for Difference (CFD). You can hundreds of crypto pairs through CFDs.

Bitcoin System – Best for newbies and intermediate traders

Bitcoin System

Our research reveals that Bitcoin System is the most popular Bitcoin robot in 2023. This automated trading platform outperforms its competition in most areas.

Bitcoin System stands out as the best trading bot for newbies. The bot is fully-automated and is said to offer a user-friendly trading interface. Trading with this Bitcoin robot is not only easy but also fun.

Users allege that Bitcoin System is equipped with game-like features. These features reportedly bring a lot of fun to the trading process. You can trade with this Bitcoin robot on your smartphone or tablet through its apps.

The robot is available in the native app version. This version supports Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. The bot can also be used on the desktop through its desktop app. Its desktop app works on Windows, Linux, and MAC devices.

You must register with Bitcoin System to access its apps download links. As we will see below it’s quite easy to sign up and trade with this bot.

Advantages of using the Bitcoin System

Many users claim that Bitcoin System is a great performer. The bot is also ranked top on ease of use, safety, and reliability. Find our list of the main advantages of trading with the Bitcoin System below.

  • Superior performance (alleged)
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Positive feedback from users and experts 
  • Affordable – only USD250 is required to get started
  • Safe trading platform
  • Advanced risk management tools
  • Quality partner brokers

The advantages of trading BTC through the Bitcoin System seem to outweigh the disadvantages. While the bot claims to offer superior risk management tools, it’s still risky to use. The high risk is a result of the high volatility witnessed in digital asset trading.

How to trade with Bitcoin System

Bitcoin System is based on the latest AI-driven trading technologies. These technologies ensure complete automation of the trading process.

Trading with this bot should be quite easy if you follow its trading guide. The steps to get you started with Bitcoin System are listed below.

  1. Signup with Bitcoin System on their official site
  2. Verify the account with a supporting broker
  3.  Fund the Bitcoin System trading account with at least USD250
  4. Watch the videos explaining the settings and test them on the demo
  5. Start a live session by clicking the “Trade now” button on Bitcoin System’s trading dashboard

Bitcoin System reportedly offers a superb opportunity to profit from digital currencies’ volatility. But trading with this bot is also risky and hence the possibility of losing money is also high.


Quantum Trading – Powerful Trading Algorithms for digital currencies

Quantum Trading

This robot has been around for less than a year but it’s already an internet sensation. We are amazed by its huge following on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

Quantum Trading also has a fair share of top-ranking expert reviews. The expert reviews appear in high-traffic crypto and mainstream finance publications. Most experts agree that Quantum Trading is a revolutionary Bitcoin robot.

They also agree that it could be super profitable in favourable market conditions. But they also warn that trading with it involves high risk. Failure to use its risk settings as required is likely to lead to a bad trading outcome.

Quantum Trading reportedly uses a leverage of up to 5000:1. This means that any trading outcome is magnified five thousand times. Users who fail to follow its risk management guide could find themselves trading into the negative.

Quantum Trading provides powerful tools to help traders cut down the risks of leveraged trading. But significant risk still remains even when the risk management tools are applied. The digital currencies market is highly unpredictable and therefore nothing is guaranteed when trading with Quantum Trading.

Advantages of using Quantum Trading

Quantum Trading is popular among crypto speculators thanks to its alleged profitability. Anyone can supposedly speculate on digital currencies using this bot.

Newbies find it quite easy to operate given that all the trading is automated. This bot reportedly provides a semi-auto option for expert traders.

The semi-auto function is suitable for expert traders interested in controlling the trades that are implemented in their accounts. Find a summary of the pros of trading with Quantum Trading below.

  • Superior trading results (alleged daily profitability of up to 25%)
  • Suitable for newbies and experienced traders (offers fully auto and semi-auto options)
  • Affordable since only USD250 is required to get started
  • High-quality partner brokers – Sends all signals to these brokers for execution
  • Safe trading environment
  • Quality customer support services

The advantages of Quantum Trading are more than its disadvantages. Try your luck with Quantum System but please keep its risk disclaimer in mind.

Getting started with Quantum Trading

Quantum Trading has revolutionary powers if the reviews by traders are anything to go by. Surprisingly, this powerful Bitcoin robot is quite easy to use. Trading with it happens in simple steps as highlighted below.

  1. Claim your free slot on the Quantum Trading website
  2. Verify the account by providing the requisite documents
  3. Deposit trading capital (a minimum of $250 is required)
  4. Master the bot via tutorials published on its official website
  5. Se the bot and test it via the demo before going live
  6. Go to the live trading dashboard and start a live session

Visit Quantum Trading

Bitcoin Revolution – Wide range of tradable crypto assets

Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution stands out in product offerings. This robot is among the few that allow you to speculate on up to 600 crypto assets.

The bot was initially founded to trade BTC CFDs but later expanded its offerings to include all the other trending digital currencies. Bitcoin Revolution allows you to speculate on crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat currencies.

The traded fiat currencies include the 7 most popular currencies. Each traded pair is listed on the trading dashboard. Bitcoin Revolution automatically selects the pair to trade based on volatility.

Highly volatile pairs are traded in the accounts of traders with a high-risk appetite. Traders with a low-risk appetite are exposed to the low-volatility pairs. Users are required to take a risk appetite test before starting to trade.

Bitcoin Revolution trades in partnership with CFDs brokers. The expert reviewers rate its partners highly in the areas that matter. These brokers allegedly adhere to strict regulatory guidelines.

Advantages of using Bitcoin Revolution

Why should you use Bitcoin Revolution for crypto speculation? As stated above, this Bitcoin robot stands out in many areas. The pros of trading the rising crypto markets with this bot are listed below.

  • Amazing performance track record (Alleged daily ROI of 25%)
  • Beginner-friendly trading (fully automated trading)
  • Secure trading environment (All data encrypted on registration)
  • High-level transparency (adequate disclosures and quality partnerships)
  • Easily reachable, knowledgeable, and friendly customer support

How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is also reviewed as a user-friendly trading program. Its fully automated version is highly recommended for the newbie trader.

We have listed the steps to get you started with the fully automated version of Bitcoin Revolution below.

  1. Register an account on the verified Bitcoin Revolution website
  2. Verify the account via the robot’s partner broker
  3. Select a payment method and deposit not less than USD250
  4. Familiarize with the platform via a demo
  5. Start trading on the live Bitcoin Revolution account

Trading with Bitcoin Revolution is fun and there is a huge likelihood that you will generate positive results. However, take the bot’s risk disclaimer quite seriously and evaluate your finances carefully before investing.


Ethereum Code – Available in more than 160 countries

Ethereum Code

Ethereum Code is available globally with a presence in over 160 countries on six continents. The supported continents include Europe, Asia, UAE, Africa, Australia, and some parts of the Americas.

Ethereum Code purportedly delivers superior results when compared to competitors. It reportedly competes with leading bots in crypto and traditional assets trading.

We’ve done in-depth Google Searches to determine what the experts say about this Bitcoin robot. The experts rate the bot excellently in all the areas that matter. These include performance, transparency, safety, and ease of use.

Ethereum Code offers both fully-automated and semi-automated options. Beginners can leverage its powerful fully-automated version to trade their favourite digital currencies easily. The semi-automated version is developed for intermediate and expert crypto traders.

Ethereum Code trades CFDs on all digital currencies. However, it was initially launched to trade CFDs with ETH as the base or quote currency. Ethereum (ETH) is the world’s second-largest digital currency with a market capitalization of USD221 billion.

Advantages of using Ethereum Code

Ethereum Code has won the hearts of many traders as is evident through its reviews on social media. Below are the advantages of trading with it as highlighted by its users.

  • Amazing trading results (daily profitability of up to 20%)
  • Operates in high-level transparency
  • Requires a minimum trading capital of USD250 only
  • Provides quality customer support
  • Partners with reliable brokers
  • Trading in a secure environment
  • Offers free and fast deposit and withdrawals

How to trade with Ethereum Code

Speculating on crypto via the Ethereum Code software is easy. This crypto robot only provides a fully automated trading version. The bot is quite advanced and therefore suitable for experts.

Being fully automated means that it’s a good choice for the newbie trader. We have highlighted the straightforward steps to follow to trade with Ethereum Code below.

  1. Register on the official Ethereum Code website
  2. Complete the account verification process with an assigned broker
  3. Fund the account through the financial broker
  4. Set the bot and test it via the demo
  5. Go live on the robot’s trading dashboard

Ethereum Code has some amazing features as highlighted by its reviewers. This means that it could be a good bet in 2023. But the risk of trading with it is also huge given that it trades on leverage. Invest wisely

Visit Ethereum Code

Bitcoin Aussie System – Best in trading risk management

Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System was originally launched for the Australian market. It later expanded its reach to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the UAE. Some posts claim that it’s also available in some parts of the Americas.

Apart from exposing you to hundreds of crypto CFDs, this bot allows you to control the risk in your trading account. It does so by offering a risk appetite test and implementing a risk per trade that corresponds with the test results. Traders with a low-risk appetite are only exposed to crypto CFDs pairs with the lowest level of volatility.

Low volatility results in lower trading risk albeit at reduced profitability. Traders with a high-risk appetite are exposed to a higher risk per trade for increased profitability. But the risk control measures do not eliminate the trading risk. You should always

Advantages of the Bitcoin Aussie System

The experts have compared Bitcoin Aussie System to many other trending bots and concluded that it’s among the best.

This robot is built on the trading wisdom of highly successful volatility traders. Its founders are reportedly ex-Wall Street traders with a history of building powerful automated trading models. 

  • Superior trading results (users claim earning a daily profit of up to 20%)
  • License-free trading (only charges a commission on profitable trades)
  • Safe trading environment (all data is secured on signup)
  • 24/7 customer support (Reachable via email, phone, and live chat)
  • Powerful trading algorithms based on real-time data
  • High-quality partner brokers 

Try Bitcoin Aussie System by visiting them here or read our comprehensive review here. Digital currencies are highly volatile and extremely risky to trade.

How to use Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System makes crypto speculation extremely easy. The steps to follow to use this program are listed below.

  1. Register with Bitcoin Aussie on its verified site
  2. Fill out the verification form and upload the requisite documents
  3. Select a payment method from the broker’s list and finish the account funding process
  4. Take a tour of the Bitcoin Aussie System and watch its tutorials to master the right settings
  5. Set the bot, test the settings on the demo, and go live

The steps listed below are self-explanatory. Bitcoin Aussie System should be easy to use if you follow the provided instructions carefully.

Visit Bitcoin Aussie System

How do I select the Best Bitcoin Robot?

robot mining bitcoin

You can identify the best Bitcoin robot by reading users’ reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot. Reddit is also quite resourceful since most traders tend to post their trading experiences on Reddit threads.

Each of the robots reviewed on this page is heavily followed on Reddit and has many reviews on Trustpilot. The positive feedback is also evident through the expert reviews. All the robots reviewed in this post have superb expert reviews.

Another thing to consider when determining if a robot is genuine is the quality of the supporting brokers. Untrustworthy Bitcoin robots have a history of partnering with sham offshore brokers. The robots in our list work with well-known CFDs brokers.

A genuine robot must also invest in user safety. Fake Bitcoin robots are likely not to invest in any online safety measures. They are also likely to be unreachable via phone and live chat.

All the Bitcoin robots in our list offer 24/7 customer support services through phone, email, and live chat.  

Bitcoin Robots Reviews – Final Word

There are hundreds of Bitcoin robots in the cryptocurrency market. But not all the robots in the market are worth their salt. Most of the Bitcoin robots in the market today have failed our legitimacy tests.

Some are outright fraudulent and can only lead to the loss of your trading capital. You must therefore be extra careful when selecting a crypto trading program. Fortunately for you, we have presented the top five best bots in this post. We have also highlighted the telltale signs of a legitimate Bitcoin robot.

Reach out to us if you have any questions relating to Bitcoin robots. Please note that this review isn’t a recommendation of any robot and it shouldn’t be taken as financial advice. Consult your financial advisor if not sure whether to invest in Bitcoin robots.

Visit Bitcoin Aussie System

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if a Bitcoin robot is a scam?

Identifying the best Bitcoin robot is quite challenging given the many robots in the market. Experts estimate there are over 500 crypto robots in the market today. Unfortunately, the majority of these Bitcoin robots aren’t reliable. Reviews such as this one help you identify the best bots.

What are the different types of Bitcoin robots?

Bitcoin robots are categorized into fully-automated and semi-automated robots. Fully automated robots automate the entire trading research and order execution processes. On the other hand, partially automated bots only automate some trading functions.

How do I choose the best Bitcoin robot?

Your choice of a robot should be informed by your trading experience and risk appetite. Bitcoin robots differ in trading risk with some taking a bigger risk than others. You are better off with a low-risk bot if you do not have a high-risk appetite. High-risk bots are only recommended for traders with a high-risk appetite.

Are Bitcoin robots more profitable than manual trading?

Bitcoin robots mostly use data-driven trading strategies and are therefore likely to be more profitable. But not all Bitcoin robots deliver superior returns. You research enough before settling on any robot. Only trade with a Bitcoin robot with a proven performance track record.