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As there’s a whole host of automated trading platforms available on the market right now, it’s certainly worthwhile for any potential investors out there to be wary of scams and schemes that may not be as reputable as they seem. Luckily, real sites do exist and one like Bitcoin Motion could help you to get the rewards you’re hoping to gain from your investments, thanks to its high accuracy rates, user-friendly interface, and much more. If you’re interested in getting started with a platform like Bitcoin Motion for your crypto investments, you’re going to need to create an account and deposit some money. Luckily for those who are unsure of how to do this, it’s usually an easy and straightforward process.

How to make a deposit with Bitcoin Motion?

Once you’ve set up your account (for free), you’ll generally be able to make deposits without any trouble. Investors will have the ability to put money into their accounts during the market’s opening hours and allow the platform’s AI to start trading for them. 

What’s the minimum amount you can deposit?

Most people will agree that starting out with the lowest possible amount can be the ideal way to test the waters without risking too much cash. On Bitcoin Motion, you’ll have the opportunity to deposit as little as $250. This may not be the lowest amount on the market, but it’s also not the largest either – and can generally serve as a great starting point.

How much should you put into your account?

Currencies for trading If you look at advice from crypto experts, you’ll find that most will encourage beginners to start off as small as possible and work their way up as they build more confidence in trading. Even if you think you’ve got off to a good start or you think it’ll be worth investing more to take advantage of a shift in the market, it’s generally a good rule of thumb to stick to a safe amount (especially if you’re still not too familiar with the site).

Take the time to get used to Bitcoin Motion

One great way to get accustomed to the platform without having to risk your money is with the demo trader. This feature will allow you to get a much better idea of how it all works without needing to put your cash on the line (that’s why using this before making any real moves may be a good idea). From learning more about the trading settings, to how the algorithms work; Bitcoin Motion has got you covered with their fantastic software.    Even so, this isn’t a necessity. Essentially, as long as you have an account, you should have no issue with depositing your funds and getting started with using this site.