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In the last decade, Bitcoin has really come into its own and where it was initially established to offer a digital alternative to fiat currency, it is now an investable, tradable and even playable asset that can be used across a host of websites. One of the growing niches is crypto casinos – and as there is some significant money to be made when gambling with the right virtual currencies, there’s no reason not to get involved. 

The crypto gambling niche itself is becoming more and more widely used, and with this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the best Bitcoin baccarat sites available in 2023.

Top Bitcoin Baccarat Sites

Before we kick off, let’s take a quick glance at what baccarat is. This is a casino card game that is played with six, seven, or eight standard decks of cards and will see the dealer offering players the chance to correctly predict which of two hands will win, or if they will tie. As it is a game with simple rules and has a low house edge, it is a popular selection for gambling online, so here are the top BTC baccarat crypto casinos operating on the web.

Mega Dice

Mega Dice Baccarat

Our top spot goes to Mega Dice and surprisingly, it is the newest of the Bitcoin baccarat casinos on this list. Although it was only launched this year, it has fast earned a reputable name in the crypto gambling niche for an array of reasons. The top one for many is the fact that it is one of the most secure platforms out there – and in a highly unregulated niche, this is a significant feature to have. 

It holds a Master Gaming License from CuraCao, so users can expect everything from fair gaming protocols to AML policies for deposits and withdrawals. Not only does it facilitate Bitcoin baccarat, but it also has a well-appointed casino and sportsbook for all your gambling needs.


  • Some of the most secure gambling protocols in the industry
  • No withdrawal limits or fees
  • While it is well-secured and better regulated than many of its counterparts, it is relaxed with no KYC verification to increase accessibility

Visit Mega Dice

Lucky Block

baccarat Lucky Block

If you take a look at any Bitcoin casino list, Lucky Block will always come at the top and not only is it a safe and fantastic place to spend Bitcoin on all of the games you love, it is also one of the most well-appointed BTC baccarat sites you’ll find. 

This isn’t an old provider by any stretch of the imagination, it was established just last year in fact, and while it started as the world’s first crypto-based lottery, it quickly grew in popularity and began catering to the demands of its fans. Users can now do everything from playing casino games, sports betting, the lottery and so much more – and it has the added benefit of having one of the strongest communities in the niche.


  • Lucky Block prioritises instant deposits and withdrawals, and these are supported by credit and debit cards, Binance, Trust Wallet and more for maximum diversity for players 
  • If you’re looking for a fantastic welcome bonus and other promotions, this will be a great place to sign up – and if you keep playing, you will be entered into giveaways, free spins promotions, sports betting promotions, and more – and these also include houses, cars and holidays, as well as cash
  • Lucky Block has one of the most extensive itineraries for language and all you’ll need to do is go to the bottom of the home page to select yours and play



bc.game baccarat

While many gambling enthusiasts are turning their attention to the capabilities of crypto, a significant portion of those who get involved actually come from the trading side of digital currency. When this is the case, BC.Game can be one of the better sites to opt for, as it is one of the only platforms out there that provides functionality for both activities. 

BC Game has its own crypto exchange where you can use the proprietary vault and it also has its own currency. The good news is that you can play crypto baccarat right here, alongside other crypto games and even bet on sports and play the lottery. BC Game really does have it all.


  • As BC game is unique and supports an exchange as well as gambling, players have access to over 150 digital currencies and is playable in 41 countries. This includes the US, and there are not many websites that can boast this accessibility 
  • There are more ways to earn money with this site than simply hedging your bets, as users will be able to earn interest on any tokens that they store when using the exchange 
  • Another aspect that sets BC Game apart from the competition is that it has one of the most well-appointed customer service systems in the niche



Metaspins baccarat

When you’re looking for more well-established crypto baccarat sites, you’ll find everything you need over at MetaSpins. This is one of the most well-known names in the BTC baccarat niche and this is largely because it is one of the only ones to have a proprietary mobile app so that users can log in anywhere on the go. With over 2,500 slots and table games and zero fees for deposits and withdrawals, it will be so simple to play your favorite games no matter where you are.


  • Metaspins is one of the most secure websites for players with SSL certification, fair play protocols and other security features. It also has a fantastic customer service team, so your queries will never go unanswered 
  • When it comes to accessibility, players can get involved with over 110 different cryptocurrencies and this platform is also available in the US 
  • Metaspins offers not only a great welcome bonus for new players, it is also one of the only names in the industry to give unlimited weekly cashback on losses



Wild.io baccarat

The last of the Bitcoin baccarat casinos on our list is going to be Wild.io, as this is one of the most well-appointed crypto-gambling platforms currently on the market. Users flock to this website to play over 3,000 slots, enjoy sports betting and get involved with their favourite baccarat games; variety is certainly its main selling point. It has one of the most diverse audiences but doesn’t lack in functionality so users will never have to worry about glitches and slow load times.


  • Wild.io has one of the most user-friendly gaming interfaces for BTC baccarat and more. With stunning graphics and an easy-to-navigate website, users and those familiar with crypto gambling will enjoy their experience
  • This is one of the most reputable websites in the niche for licensing, so users know that both their funds and their personal information will be secure 
  • The website operates 24/7 live chat and reviews and testimonials from across the web state that this is responsive and that their needs were met quickly and comprehensively

How to choose a reliable Bitcoin Baccarat Site

Now that we have listed our top five Bitcoin baccarat casinos, you may be wondering just how you’re going to choose the right one for your needs. As there are so many factors to keep in mind, including reputability, it won’t be as simple as going for the most notable and playing from there. To help you make a decision, let’s take a look at the key features that may impact your selection:

Accessibility and licensing

This is one of the key issues facing Bitcoin baccarat casinos around the web, as restrictions are rife around the world. Many websites are not supported in major countries like the UK, Australia and the US, and unless users want to use a VPN, they will need to check accessibility before signing up. As mentioned above, Metaspins and BC Game are two of very few platforms that are supported in the US. 

Licensing is another bone of contention within the niche, and there are many websites out there that operate without the necessary certificates or endorsements. There are a number of gambling authorities that can vouch for the reputability of a website, so if the one you choose doesn’t have any backing, it not only has the potential to be a scam, but also may lack in functionality when it comes to withdrawals and giving you access to your funds.

Software, UI, game graphics

Playing BTC baccarat is only going to be fun if you choose a website that prioritises playability with great game designs, simple navigation and top-of-the-range software. If a website has any less than these three functions, or they function at low capacity, the player experience is likely to be significantly impacted. Usability also comes in when players want to deposit and withdraw, and as long as crypto baccarat casinos have good servers and load times, you shouldn’t have any issues. 

Game preferences and variety

When you are selecting the right crypto platform for your needs, you will likely be looking for one that prioritises Bitcoin baccarat, but game diversity can still be something to keep in mind. When gambling, it’s not always the best thing to put all of your eggs in one basket. If you are only interested in sports betting for example, you’ll want to find a website that supports it, but opting for one that only has these capabilities could limit your overall experience if you ever feel like doing something else.

Mobile functionality and cross-platform capabilities

Very few Bitcoin baccarat platforms offer a proprietary mobile app, but this isn’t always a deal breaker for many players. As technology evolves and software gets more functional every year, consumers are looking for the top services whenever they sign up for any of their hobbies online, and soon mobile functionality is likely to become something that users will want to consider. With this in mind, it’s important to note that the ones that do have mobile functionality are likely to be listening to their users and innovating their products, so they may be the ones to watch for the future of the niche.


To make the most of your gambling efforts, it can be a good idea to take a look at the bonuses that the website you have in mind provides. As platforms are likely to be vying for your custom, it’s highly unlikely to come across one that doesn’t offer signup bonuses, free daily promotions and similar features, so take a bit of time to think about the promotions that can maximise your profit potential and select accordingly.

The benefits of gambling cryptocurrencies online

bitcoin and baccarat cards

Not everyone who enjoys gambling sticks to one site alone, especially as the main aim of gambling is to have fun and potentially earn some cash (whether this comes in the form of fiat currencies or crypto). Aside from the money-making capabilities, there are plenty of advantages to be considered when gambling online with cryptocurrencies, especially if you are thinking about turning to these in favour of traditional gambling stores or websites. 

  • Online crypto casinos tend to have better options for BTC baccarat 
  • More crypto baccarat games are playable anonymously when selecting sites that prioritise digital currencies 
  • While there isn’t much regulation, transparency is significantly higher on these types of portals 
  • Promotions and bonuses tend to be more attractive when considering digital currencies 
  • A wide range of users report better playability and a higher level of enjoyment when selecting dedicated sites 
  • The niche is largely still in its infancy and as interest in cryptocurrency continues to grow and providers continue to innovate, the future for Bitcoin baccarat casinos is bright

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What can players expect from a crypto gambling website?

When it comes to selecting Bitcoin baccarat casinos, those signing up can expect an innovative new way to enjoy their hobby that is diverse, highly functional, fun, and has some significant potential for monetary gain. While traditional casinos can reward players in cash, some crypto websites diversify their prizes, and the volatility of digital currency can mean that you end up drawing out more than you put in when considering conversions. There isn't much regulation within the niche, but it is easy to find reputable providers if you know what to look for - and transparency is prioritised so that players can enjoy their efforts with little worry or fuss.

Will crypto baccarat casinos continue to offer top services?

The great news is that this niche is still relatively new, so there are a lot of interesting innovations that are cropping up every year. Developers are looking to update their software and provide nothing short of the top services so that they attract the customers that they want to ensure that they continue to see success, so players can rest assured that the niche is likely to grow as opposed to deteriorate.

What Bitcoin baccarat casinos are the best?

While we have given our opinion on the top five, the answer truly lies with the individual. Your own wants, needs and even budget can determine which sites will be best for you - and the one you choose should fit your personal preferences.