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When it comes to Bitcoin (and crypto in general), the name of the game has been innovative in the last few years. As the industry has evolved, not only can users now do everything from trading to crypto gambling, but they also no longer need to worry about additional considerations like mining or the ecological ramifications. This is largely due to the inception of platforms like Bitcoin Minetrix, and which has the capability to revolutionize crypto staking and mining for users around the world.

What is Bitcoin Minetrix?

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix is a new crypto project bursting its way into the niche. Raising over $100,000 within minutes of its pre-sale; it has an innovative stake-to-mine mechanism that allows individuals with all different competencies to get involved with the Bitcoin mining process. In the simplest terms, this is a tokenized cloud mining platform that makes mining more accessible to everyday individuals. It is transparent. Decentralized and removes the risk of third-party cloud mining scams. The aim is to give control back to token holders who can simply stake their BTCMTX tokens and earn credits, before using these to mine. 

Bitcoin Minetrix is not the only platform that offers cloud mining services, but what makes it so special is the fact that it aims to bring mining back to the everyday user with an affordable cost entry point and a host of specialised features that make it stand out from the crowd.

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A unique approach to Bitcoin mining

When it comes to Bitcoin Minetrix’s attractiveness, it was certainly the innovative stake-to-mine mechanism that caught the eye of investors, enthusiasts and those with an interest in the mining aspects of crypto. It combines the positive attributes of cloud mining and token staking via Ethereum-based smart contracts, for unrivaled levels of security and transparency. 

Those signing up to Bitcoin Minetrix will be expected to connect their wallet, click through by using the presale widget, buy their tokens using Ethereum and begin their mining and staking activities. The beauty is in the simplicity, as BTCMTX tokens can be purchased and staked for cloud mining credits – and these are then redeemed against hash power. Hash power leads to full fund control so that BTCMTX can be unstacked and sold in accordance to the user’s needs, all without putting forward any cash.

The benefits of Bitcoin Minetrix

mining with Bitcoin Minetrix

As there are simply so many crypto projects being launched and a plethora of ways to get involved with digital assets, you may be wondering whether Bitcoin Minetrix is going to be the right choice either for your investment or to use for your own mining experiences. The good news is that this is a standalone technology and poses a host of benefits in both instances. These are:

  Unrivalled security

One of the biggest drawbacks to any crypto niche is scam websites – and staking and mining are no different. As those hoping to cheat you out of your money or personal information will be well-versed in hiding their true intentions, it can be difficult to find reputable platforms. The good news is that, as all the processes involved with Bitcoin Minetrix are decentralized, user’s shares will be fully safeguarded, and this is a key green flag. 

To promote security further, all smart contracts are powered by Ethereum and cloud mining credits come in the form of non-transferable ERC-20 tokens. These can only be burned to earn BTC cloud mining time or a percentage of mining yields. This minimises the risk of compromise and corruption. Mined BTC can then be transferred to the user’s personal wallet.

  Lower/fewer costs

Cost can be the largest aspect that keeps individuals from mining, but Bitcoin Minetrix is entirely negating the need for hardware, electrical running costs and even the additional maintenance costs that can quickly add up. The platform does this by leveraging the advanced equipment used by cloud mining companies. As it is in the pre-sale phase, tokens are being sold at just $0.011, making them affordable for investors with all capabilities and budgets.

  Greater accessibility

An extremely attractive factor when it comes to Bitcoin Minetrix is the fact that it is creating greater accessibility for those who want to take part in mining. The early need for specialist hardware, running costs, and even mindfulness towards environmental impact often kept many crypto enthusiasts away from these activities, but cloud mining solutions are far more palatable. 

Now, those with an interest in mining and staking will simply be able to leverage the capabilities of Bitcoin Minetrix, regardless of their setup, budget, or even expertise as the software is both easy to use and simple to understand. The good news is that this won’t only be worthwhile for those who are new to the industry; the latest advancements in smart contracts and blockchain technology mean that those with knowledge and experience will still see benefits from its use.

How is all of this revolutionizing crypto staking and mining?

The Bitcoin Minetrix Solution

It’s no secret that Bitcoin Minetrix is in its infancy, but it has already quickly established itself as a crypto project that has some very real potential for the future. Its unique concept, the highly secure processes involved and that there will be fewer barriers to entry for crypto mining all mean that it is likely to disrupt the sector as we know it. As all of its advantages combined also lead to a greener approach to Bitcoin mining, there is an array of attractive features that have the potential to set Bitcoin Minetrix as an industry leader in no time at all.

With a successful presale phase and a significant level of token distribution already reached, the subsequent phases are highly anticipated and Bitcoin Minetrix has some attractive potential for mass adoption in the coming years. The developers are not only hoping to have an impact on the current market but also to reshape the Bitcoin cloud mining space. Their main aim is to forge a more accessible and environmentally sensitive approach to staking and mining processes, so it can be important for both investors and potential users to watch this space.