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Are you considering investing in ICO projects and looking for the best ICO crypto in 2022? Investing in ICOs is one of the best ways to buy cryptocurrencies at low prices and make a great profit from your investment. There are several scams and rug pulls in the cryptocurrency market. As an investor, you must do your homework before investing in a new crypto project. We understand that most beginners don’t know how to identify initial coin offerings with good profit potential, so our crypto experts scan the market regularly to help our readers uncover the best ICO crypto projects. 

List of the TOP ICO Cryptos in 2022

Based on our in-depth investigation of hundreds of ICOs, we believe the top seven ICOs with the greatest profit potential are Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Maxxer, My Freedom Coin, Chain of Legends, BlaBlaGame, and Bioviratech.

1. Tamadoge

TAMA presale

Tamadoge is on the top spot of our list due to its unique offering, past presale performance, and high-profit potential. It is a meme coin developed as a fun, enjoyable Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that rewards players with dogepoints when they breed, feed, and train their Tamadoge NFT Pets successfully. When your NFT pet becomes an adult, you can battle it against other pets to climb a leaderboard and earn more dogepoints, which you can convert to Tamadoge anytime.

Tamadoge token’s total supply is 2 billion, and the founders intend to sell 1 billion tokens in its presale. So far, about 600 million Tamadoge tokens have been sold in five phases of presales, and the remaining 400 million tokens are draining fast. When Tamadoge was first offered for sale, the token’s price was 1 USDT to 100 TAMA.

However, as of the sixth phase of the presale, Tamadoge’s price was 1 USDT to 44.44 TAMA, and it is expected to sell at  1 USDT to 40 TAMA in the next phase of the token’s presale. Considering this trend and the coin’s usefulness, we believe Tamadoge has huge profit potential. 


2. Battle Infinity

IBAT website

Another crypto project we recommend checking if you are looking for legit and promising ICOs is Battle Infinity (IBAT), a metaverse-focused P2E game. The game focused on fantasy sports, where you can build your team and battle with other players to get to the league’s top and earn from the stake pool. The founders adopted the same concept as Axie Infinity, a popular and fun game from Vietnam’s Sky Mavis. However, they upgraded their game by featuring transparent pools.  

The hard cap of Battle Infinity is 16,500 BN, and investors can get in by buying tokens as low as 0.1BNB. At the moment, the token is worth about $0.0015, and early buyers could expect a 100x return on their investment, considering Battle Infinity’s value proposition. Aside from the projected return, another advantage of Battle Infinity over other ICOs in the market is its transparency. You won’t have to worry about your hard-earned money disappearing into the developers’ wallets.  

Battle Infinity is one of the few legit ICOs from India, home to some of the world’s best software engineers. You can invest with the confidence that some of the best hands in the world are handling the crypto project.  


3. Maxxer

Maxxer ($MXXR token) is the third ICO on our list of best ICOs. The developers of this project claim they are building the first community-driven decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. The main appeal of Maxxer is its social trading feature, which allows users to observe the actions of top providers in the market and copy their moves to make profits. 

That’s not all; you can also make new friends, interact and learn from other users on this crypto exchange. Maxxer’s founders are offering its native token at a discounted price, so now is a good time to invest in it. 

4. My Freedom Coin

My Freedom Coin (MFC) got a spot on our list for several reasons. First, it is the only existing ICO crypto project with a floor price, and this price is expected to go higher at each presale phase of the project. Second, MFC is a DeFi platform developed as a cryptocurrency exchange service to trade and a wallet to store your assets.

Third, the developers claim it is a crashproof cryptocurrency developed to minimize the effect of negative market volatility on its holders. Lastly, investors in MFC can use their tokens to take BUSD loans, making the project appealing to investors.

5. Chain of Legends

Another ICO our crypto experts believe has a great profit potential is Chain of Legends (CLEG Tokens), a new, strategic play-to-earn game. This crypto game features several fun activities, such as mining, adventures, and battles, which you can use to progress and earn NFTs as rewards. 

According to the founders, there will be a 1 billion supply of CLEG tokens, and about 60% will be available for sale. The developers have two deflationary systems ( burning of CLEG coins and reducing rewards over time) in place to help the token gain more value in the near future.   

6. BlaBlaGame

BlaBlaGame (BLA Token) is a crypto game that rewards players with valuable prizes. When BLA Token developers launched this project, their goal was to attract 1000+ users in the first few months. 

They have achieved this goal as the game currently boasts over 1000 players. Here is how it works – you pay a fee of 2.2% every time you use these tokens to play the game. The system allocates these fees to the prize pools from which you earn rewards as you progress in the game. 

7. Bioviratech

The last but not least new crypto project on our list of most promising ICOs is Bioviratech (BVTD). The developers created this token to facilitate the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines. The project’s goal is to partner with pharmaceutical companies worldwide to create millions of contracts just in case another pandemic arises. 

Whenever a pandemic arises, you can exchange your tokens for vaccines. However, there will be a maximum amount of tokens a person can buy to ensure fair allocation. You can buy BVTD tokens using BNB, ENT, debit cards, and USDT.

What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering

An ICO means an initial coin offering. It is the crypto version of the traditional stock initial public offering (IPO), whose purpose is to raise capital from the public by selling stocks. With crypto ICOs, the founders sell digital tokens to the public to raise funds for their new crypto projects. 

ICOs take place in the early stage of a crypto project, so these tokens are available at discounted prices. Investors buy the tokens hoping that the project will succeed and its price will rise significantly in the future. 

An example of a successful ICO project is that of Ethereum, which took place in 2014. As of the time of the ICO, investors bought ETH tokens at $0.30 per coin, and over 50 million tokens were sold. As of the time of writing this post, ETH is valued at $1,500+ per coin.

However, several ICOs have tried replicating Ethereum’s success, but not all succeeded. There have also been cases where ICOs turn out to be crypto rug pulls, and those who bought the tokens lost their money. 

You should note that ICOs are not strictly regulated like IPOs, so it is your responsibility to evaluate every ICO project thoroughly before risking your hard-earned money. Although ICOs can be very lucrative if successful, they are also highly risky. We recommend investing only an amount you can afford to lose.


How do Crypto ICO works?


Investing in ICOs is pretty straightforward. An ICO project starts with the company announcing in advance the date, buying procedures, and rules for the presale. Interested investors can buy the new digital token at discounted prices on the selected date using fiat money or cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coins.

The purchase process often involves sending funds to a wallet address specified by the ICO project and providing your wallet address. Once they confirm the money you sent, they will send you the digital tokens you bought. Any individual or company can launch an ICO as the barrier to entry is low. So the onus is on you to research thoroughly before committing your money to these projects.

Factors to consider before investing in an ICO

Finding and choosing the best ICOs is no easy task as new crypto projects are abundant in the market. It can be very difficult, especially for crypto beginners, to identify ICOs with the potential for huge future profits amidst the thousands of options available on the internet. Below are three essential factors to consider before investing in an ICO.

The ICO’s white paper

The first step every investor should take when researching an ICOs is to check the project’s white paper. This paper details the amount the company wants to raise, how they will use the funds, and the project’s timeline. A poorly written ICO is a no-no, as it shows that the founders didn’t plan the project well.

The team behind the project

It is essential you look at the brains behind the project. You should ask questions like – do the founders have the experience to make the project a success? Are they partnering with any big name? This information can help you decide whether an ICO is worth your money.

Fair token allocation

A good ICO will indicate in clear terms the maximum supply of its digital tokens and how the founders intend to distribute them. We recommend avoiding ICOs whose maximum coin supply is unknown or whose proposed token distribution seems unfair.

Benefits of investing in ICO crypto

The main benefit of investing in an ICO is the low entry price. Since you are joining at an early stage, you will be able to buy digital tokens at a discounted price. In turn, you will earn a great return on your investment if the project becomes successful and the price goes up in the long term. Another advantage is that today’s ICOs come with the opportunity to earn passive income without even selling your tokens. For example, you can earn dogepoints by feeding and training Tamadoge NFT pets.

Risk of investing in ICO crypto

As mentioned earlier, ICO crypto comes with a high level of risk. While there are numerous success stories, like that of Ethereum, there are also plenty of stories where investors lost their money to scam or rug pull projects. Another drawback with ICOs is that the digital token may easily plunge and lose value if there is no demand for it. The takeaway is that you should research thoroughly and ensure due diligence before investing in any ICO crypto.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we shared the most promising ICOs and provided information on why we think these tokens have high-profit potential. Further, we explained what initial coin offering means and how it works. Also, you learnt the factors to consider before choosing any ICO and the benefits of investing in these projects. In addition, you discovered the risk of investing in ICOs and what you can do about them. Later in this post, our ICOs experts answered some of the questions we usually get about ICO projects. 


Frequently asked questions about ICO cryptos

What is ICO crypto?

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the crypto version of traditional stocks’ initial public offering (IPO). Founders of crypto projects use ICOs to raise money by selling digital tokens to the general public. Investors usually buy these tokens using fiat money or other cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC and BNB. 

Is ICO crypto profitable?

ICOs are profitable investments when they turn out successful. You can earn over 100x return from your investment if things go as planned by the founders. However, there are no guarantees that an ICO will be a good investment. So we recommend investing only the amount you can afford to lose in ICO crypto projects. 

How can I invest in crypto ICO?

You can invest in crypto ICO by visiting the project’s website and connecting your wallet to it. Then decide the number of tokens you want to buy and transfer the required funds to the project’s wallet address. Once the crypto ICO confirms your transfer, the system will send its native token to you. 

What are the best ICO Crypto projects for 2022?

Based on in-depth research by our crypto experts, we believe the best crypto ICOs in 2022 are Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Maxxer, My Freedom Coin, Chain of Legends, BlaBlaGame, and Bioviratech. These ICOs tick all the boxes for a good crypto ICO investment.