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While there are numerous cryptocurrencies out there worth investing in, there’s also a large number that simply won’t be worth your time. With this in mind, anybody hoping to profit from the vast and world of digital coins will want to consider their options wisely. One of the great picks currently available to enthusiasts and  crypto beginners alike is Cardano.

Fortunately for anyone out there who’s interested in purchasing some ADA coins (or even trading to make a profit), there are several great crypto exchanges for Cardano on the market to choose from. Here’s a closer look into some of your options, as well as some of the benefits that might come with owning ADA tokens.

List of the Best Crypto Exchanges for Cardano 

  • eToro
  • Capital.com
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • Kraken
  • Crypto.com
  • Uphold
  • KuCoin
  • Bitstamp
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Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and overall a risky investment. 69% of investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs


Trading Cardano

As one of the most well-known crypto exchanges on the market, it shouldn’t be hard to tell why eToro deserves a spot on our list. With a broad range of different coins available (including Cardano), it’s simply an excellent selection for anyone who wants to get started with – or even improve upon – crypto trading.

But there’s so much more eToro can do for you, including the fact that you get to enjoy 0% commissions on a variety of assets and free insurance (up to 1 million GPB, Euro, etc.). All of this helps to make this particular platform one of the best options the crypto market has to offer and secures its popularity year after year.

Advantages of eToro:

  • As a popular and reputable exchange, you can generally rely on eToro to be a reliable choice
  • eToro is a multi-asset platform, offering a wide range of options for crypto, as well as ETFs, stocks and much more
  • It also holds licenses with a variety of regulatory bodies, from the SEC to ASIC
  • A variety of great features, such as social trading and protection for your funds 


Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.


Much like eToro, Capital.com is a widely popular exchange that offers a variety of features and benefits to those interested in investing in cryptocurrency. And, since it supports Cardano trades, it’s perfect for those who are keen on getting their hands on some of these digital tokens.

For one, Capital.com has taken great care to ensure that your trading experience will be as simple as can be. This is done by introducing artificial intelligence to help improve your investments, a huge market with zero commissions to worry about and a whole lot more to assist you in earning a profit on your trades.

Advantages of Capital.com:

  • Capital.com is an award-winning platform, namely for its overall simplicity and efficiency
  • Much like eToro, you can enjoy a wide variety of assets on this site, including cryptocurrency, indices and shares to name just a few
  • A high level of control over your trading settings, from take-profit orders to stop-loss preferences, can generally be perfect for avoiding losing more than what you give  
  • Capital.com is available on web browsers and mobile devices 


Binance is another excellent, well-liked crypto exchange that supports Cardano trading. While typically known for being a fantastic platform for several reasons, it may be worth considering that Binance can be a little more complex to use at times, and therefore may not always be the top option for those just starting out. It does still have a lot to offer though, so if you can learn the ropes it could be well worth it.

Advantages of Binance:

  • This site has more than 50 different cryptocurrencies available (including ADA, of course)
  • Most will find that the trading fees on Binance aren’t too high
  • There are a host of additional features that help Binance to stand out from the crowd


Often considered to be one of the best options for beginners, there’s certainly a lot to love about an exchange like Coinbase if you’re looking to buy and sell some Cardano tokens. For many of those who are just starting out in crypto, Coinbase seems like an obvious choice for these reasons and more. 

While many people love Coinbase for the fact that it makes trading oh so simple, it is worth paying mind to the fact that this site doesn’t always offer the best customer service. It’s also not the most attractive when it comes to fees, being rather high when compared to other options on the market.

Advantages of Coinbase:

  • Coinbase is a safe and legitimate trading platform that you can rely on
  • It’s generally considered to be one of the best exchanges out there
  • The simplicity makes it perfect for new traders


Another very simple exchange is Gemini. While typically known for being a good option for beginners, most will find that it can also be a great choice for more experienced investors too. This is thanks to everything that the platform has to offer.

With excellent security features and an amazing support center that is on hand 24/7 should you need any assistance, it’s not hard to see why Gemini often ranks so highly among users.

Advantages of Gemini:  

  • Gemini offers access to more than 50 cryptocurrencies and 21 trading pairs, allowing its users to trade in all the most notable tokens (including Cardano)
  • The insurance that Gemini provides on assets only helps to further ensure that your digital coins are safe
  • Gemini has its own hot wallet, allowing easier access to your assets while trading
  • This platform is highly recommended by traders of all skill levels


Not only is Kraken one of the oldest crypto exchanges around, but it’s one of the most reliable platforms to have been established. It has held its position as an incredibly popular option among beginner and experienced traders over the years and there are several reasons for this; from the platform’s reputability, to the wide range of cryptocurrencies available.

Within their assets you’ll find all the expected options, including Cardano, so this is certainly a good choice for those interested in purchasing some ADA tokens.

Advantages of Kraken:

  • Right from the start, Kraken was an exchange that put an emphasis on security – and this is still something you can enjoy today
  • The fees aren’t too high, which is always a bonus for those who don’t want to take a huge hit to their profits 
  • There are plenty of trading options and settings, and the site is incredibly user-friendly 


Crypto.com has been around for more than 5 years now, which is no small achievement considering how fast the market can evolve and change. There are several factors that have helped Crypto.com to remain a prevalent choice in the community; from their broad range of digital tokens, to being known as a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your crypto needs. 

Crypto.com is the perfect selection for those who believe that cryptocurrency is more than just a phase and will someday become a far more regular investment vehicle.

Advantages of Crypto.com:

  • Higher interest rates than most high-yield crypto savings accounts 
  • The ability to get started in NFT investments
  • You can use the cashback visa card to earn rewards when you spend your digital coins
  • There are more than 90 different digital coins supported on Crypto.com


Uphold is another fantastic choice for anyone looking to buy and sell Cardano. Most will agree that this particular platform has a lot going for it outside of just supporting ADA trading, such as the fact that it’s commission-free, has a wide range of crypto assets available and even the ability to trade across different asset classes with ease.

The biggest downside is that it isn’t available in the UK or EU, but US citizens will often find it to be a good choice.

Advantages of Uphold:

  • Aside from buying and selling ADA, you can also stake Cardano on this platform too
  • Uphold has been in the crypto business since 2014 and has held an excellent reputation
  • The only fees are between 0.8 and 1.2%, depending on the asset you’re investing in


While KuCoin was a fairly limited and somewhat basic exchange at first, only offering simple crypto to crypto trades, it’s come a long way over the last few years. In fact, these days, it’s often known for a broad range of services and many trading opportunities. 

While these are two excellent points, KuCoin has so much more to offer. If you’re hoping to find an exchange that is straightforward and not too complicated, it’s certainly one that’s worth checking out if you’re interested in investing in an asset like ADA.

Advantages of KuCoin:

  • Often considered to be one of the most competitive in terms of their fees, KuCoin is certainly a great choice for those looking to save
  • With a range of more than 300 tokens (and the fact that the list is constantly expanding), it should have everything you could ask for
  • KuCoin accepts credit and debit cards 


As one of the older exchanges on the market, being around for 11 years now, we simply had to mention it on our list. This exchange is more common in the US, but it’s still a great choice for anyone in quite a few other destinations too, like Canada and the United Kingdom.

There are several things that individuals can enjoy when using this platform, such as its user-friendly interface, range of cryptocurrencies, licensing and regulations, security features and so much more.

Advantages of Bitstamp:

  • Thanks to the fact that Bitstamp is a trusted site, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your data or digital coins
  • You’re sure to find that the simplicity of the site and great features will come in handy
  • There are a number of digital coins on offer, including Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano and several more

How to buy Cardano Instantly on a crypto exchange

Cardano ADA

Fortunately for anybody who is interested in buying Cardano, it isn’t usually going to be too much of a challenging task. Here’s a quick example of what you could expect the process to be like on most good exchanges:

  • Create an account on a platform that supports Cardano. Before anything else, you’re going to need to register on an exchange. Not all of them support ADA tokens though, so you may want to consider the options listed above for ideas of which ones will be best for your needs. Usually, the sign-up process won’t pose any obstacles, although the specific process can vary from one site to another.
  • Make a deposit on your chosen exchange. Again, the amount you need to deposit will often vary from one platform to another, but it’s a requirement that you’ll find on any exchange you go to. Without cash in your account, you’ll have no way of buying Cardano (or any other cryptocurrency).
  • Search for and purchase your coins. The final step is to simply navigate the site, search for Cardano and press trade. From here, you should need to input some information, like how much you’d like to purchase, and simply press OK. On most platforms, it won’t be too difficult to find the cryptocurrency you need and buy it, so don’t worry too much.

How do you sell ADA tokens?

In most cases, if you’re already buying your digital coins on an exchange, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to sell them on for a profit. All you’ll need to do is cash out your crypto by placing an order when you’re ready to sell. The process may be different between exchanges, but overall, you’ll find that things should be fairly similar and simple to execute.

The most important point to keep in mind is that you’ll need to pay attention to how the value of the asset is shifting and find the right time to sell.


Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Other ways to earn money from Cardano

Outside of simply trading, you may find that there are other opportunities for earning with these coins. For example, you may be able to find an exchange that can offer rewards when you purchase items or services with your tokens, or earn interest from holding them in a savings account. 

You could even put them aside and wait to see what the future holds, as many believe that the success of the ADA token is only just beginning.

Which is the best crypto exchange for Cardano?

Cardano token

As you may be able to tell from the list of options earlier, there are a variety of great choices out there for those who are interested in Cardano trading. While a variety of exchanges on offer may not be a bad thing, some may find that it’s not quite as simple to pick out the ideal one for their needs. So, which is the best crypto exchange for ADA

The answer will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and needs. For example, those who are looking for a wide range of opportunities and don’t mind adding a little bit of complexity to their endeavours may just find Binance to be a great choice, while many beginners will find the simplicity of Coinbase ideal.

Essentially, the best thing you can do is better understand your own unique requirements. In most cases, it’ll be a good idea to consider factors like your trading experience, whether or not you want to invest in other assets and your budget when choosing a platform.


Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.


Can you buy Cardano on eToro?

As mentioned earlier on, eToro is overall a great place to go if you’re interested in purchasing some ADA tokens. In fact, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced trader, you’re likely to find that eToro is a good choice. From the range of cryptocurrencies, to the generally good fees and simplicity when trading, there’s a lot to love.

When is the right time to buy Cardano?

It’s important to remember that, despite the potential of this particular token, you still need to be considerate of when you buy and sell. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset, and Cardano is no different. Because of this, it’s always best to do your research on the market to determine the best time to make your purchases.

How do you buy Cardano instantly?

If you find an exchange that will allow you to buy your tokens with a credit or debit card, you should find that you’ll be able to get some Cardano coins fairly quickly. Binance, Coinbase and eToro are just a few examples of exchanges that allow these methods of purchase – although it is worth noting that there may be additional fees involved in the process.

What is the cheapest way to purchase Cardano tokens?

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to get your hands on ADA, it may be best to look through your options to find the ones with the lowest fees. While there are plenty of sites that don’t place high charges, there are still some that do and it’s generally best to be aware of this before you go signing up for a site.