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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting the financial sector with powerful computer programs taking over investment and trading.

These computer programs use AI algorithms to analyze big data and come up with trading insights. The advancement of AI has made data-driven driven trading and investment accessible to the masses.

This post explains AI-driven trading and tips to follow to identify the best-automated trading bots. We will also provide a snapshot review of the top 5 best AI trading bots for crypto.

AI Trading Bots Explained

Robotic RPA big data analysis automation trading robot

You are probably here after reading AI trading bots success stories on social media. There are hundreds of free crypto trading bots in the market today. 

An AI trading app is a computer program that uses human intelligence to automate the trading of an asset. AI enables computer programs to mimic human intelligence and make highly accurate decisions.

The accuracy of the decisions is attributed to the size of the data analyzed and the speed at which it’s analyzed. AI trading bots generate the best trades by analyzing big chunks of data. These trading bots can be fully or partially automated.

The fully automated AI trading systems require very minimal input from the user. You are only required to adjust a few settings to run these bots. On the other hand, semi-automated AI trading robots allow users to control most of the trading.

Do AI trading bots work?

Many newbie traders are skeptical about AI trading robots. But are AI trading robots worthwhile? As stated above, there are hundreds if not thousands of trading bots in the market today.

But not all the self-proclaimed AI trading platforms are worthwhile. Experts claim that only less than 10% of the AI robots in the market today are worthwhile. It’s true that you could build fortunes through AI robots. But you must identify the best AI trading app to expect good returns.

Trading with low-quality trading bots is likely to lead to devastating losses. It’s also important to note that some of the self-proclaimed AI robots are outright scams. Do your research well to avoid scam platforms. This review will present the top 6 best-rated free crypto trading bots.

Which is the best AI Trading App for me?

The choice between a fully automated and a partially automated AI robot depends on the trader’s experience and preferences.

A newbie trader should go for the fully automated AI trading platform. This is because trading with it doesn’t require any skills. A fully automated AI bot is also a good bet for the experienced trader who lacks time to monitor the markets and analyze trades.

On the other hand, the partially automated AI robot is only recommended for experts. This option is the best choice for you if you prefer a hands-on trading experience.

How AI trading platforms work

AI trading platforms use sophisticated algorithms to analyze data for insights. An algorithm is a set of rules followed by the computer to generate a trade.

AI-powered algorithms can learn from data and improve themselves to make better decisions. The best AI-powered trading bots analyze both qualitative and quantitative data.

Qualitative data analysis includes a study of the latest news for insights. Crypto prices are highly sensitive to relevant news. The news could be related to the industry or the general economy.

The AI-powered bot can predict how the markets will respond to certain news with high accuracy. Its algorithms automatically transform the predictions into trades and execute them through an underlying broker.

AI trading bots connect to financial brokers in the background. The broker’s roles include executing the trades generated by the AI trading software.

The Pros and Cons of AI trading robots

AI trading robots have their advantages and disadvantages. As mentioned above, you must scrutinize the individual AI trading app thoroughly before investing your money.

Below are the pros and cons of AI trading bots in general. Please note that the advantages only apply to verified robots.

Advantages Disadvantages
Superior performance High trading risk
Easy to use for newbies Some require hefty registration fees
Competitive trading fees  
Multiple tradable instruments  
Available in semi-auto and fully auto versions  
Operates under the best brokers  

AI Trading Software: Top 5

AI trading bots have gone viral in 2023 thanks to the introduction of powerful technologies such as ChatGPT.

Some of the trending AI trading systems allege using algorithms similar to those of ChatGPT and Google Bard. It’s unclear how these platforms apply the wisdom behind these technologies in their trading algorithms.

In a bid to help you stay ahead in your trading game, we have identified the top 6 trending Bitcoin robots in 2023. We have analyzed these robots carefully to determine if they are genuine.

While we can’t guarantee anything, we are convinced that they are up to something. You may, therefore, take the risk and give any of them a try.  But please note that you are 100% responsible for your investment choices.

The AI robots for crypto reviewed in this post include;

  1. Quantum Prime Profit
  2. Immediate Code
  3. Quantum Code
  4. Bitcoin Aussie System
  5. Bitcoin System

These AI trading robots have gone viral in 2023. They are arguably the most advanced Ai trading programs in the entire trading industry. Let’s dive into each one of them.

Quantum Prime Profit

Quantum Prime Profit

This robot was launched in the middle of the PostCovid19 recession. Its popularity exploded almost immediately thanks to its ability to maintain performance in all market conditions.

Quantum Prime Profit has reportedly been trending in some European countries since January. Some posts allege that it has earned recognition in top mainstream media. The platform has amazing reviews on Trustpilot and social media sites such as Reddit and Facebook.

Users claim it performs consistently with a high return rate in both the bull and bear markets. We didn’t do a live test on this AI trading app and, therefore, we can’t confirm the truthfulness of the claims.

The Pros of Quantum Prime Profit

Quantum Prime Profit continues to beat competitors in most areas. Users have highlighted its pros as listed below.

  • Superior trading results – Unverified reports show that it delivers an average daily profit of 25% daily.
  • Easy to use for beginners – The reviews show that you don’t need trading experience to hit the home run with this AI bot.
  • Affordable for all – This AI bot is arguably the most affordable in its category. You don’t pay signup or license fees to use it.
  • Transparent and safe – The platform claims that it’s built on the principle of transparency. It’s also secure since all user data is encrypted and stored safely.

Visit the official Quantum Prime Profit site here or keep reading to discover other AI trading robots.

Visit Quantum Prime Profit

Immediate Code

Immediate Code

This is another viral AI trading platform. Immediate Code was founded in 2019 but became popular in 2023. The sudden surge in popularity is reportedly triggered by its latest AI-powered features.

These features have reportedly improved its performance threefold. We didn’t do any tests to verify these claims and therefore we can’t promise anything. However, its rising popularity proves its popularity.

Immediate Code is allegedly an innovation of ex-WST traders. The founders claim to come up with the idea of developing the bot when working for a big WST investment bank.

We have also not verified these claims since we couldn’t find much information about the founders.

The Pros of Immediate Code

Immediate Code outranks the other trending AI trading bots in many areas. We have discussed these areas below.

  • Superior performance – There are claims that this AI bot could double investments within a day. We didn’t verify if their claims are true. But they could be genuine given the superb feedback from users.
  • Newbie-friendly – The platform allegedly provides fully automated and semi-automated trading options. Newbies can join the ranks of successful traders through the fully automated option.
  • Affordable trading platform – Most of the best AI trading bots charge license fees on top of hefty commissions on profitable trades. Immediate Code doesn’t charge a dime.

The advantages of Immediate Code are many. We don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a try but please only invest what you can afford to lose. Visit the Immediate Code website here.

Visit Immediate Code

Quantum Code

Quantum Code

This AI robot also appears in the list of the best AI crypto robots in 2023.  Its distinctive features make it highly popular with newbies, intermediate, and experienced traders.

Firstly, its algorithms can analyze extremely huge data sets for insights. Quantum Code claims that it can analyze up to 5 crypto pairs simultaneously and deliver up to 10 trades per minute.

These trades are instantly executed in in-depth liquidity for maximum performance. Quantum Code claims that at least 60% of its trades generate positive results. Our investigative team wasn’t able to verify if these claims are true.

Quantum Code algorithms are also powered by the principles of quantum computing. This explains why it’s reviewed as the most sophisticated AI crypto robot. But it’s quite easy to use for newbie traders.

The Pros of Quantum Code

Quantum Code is a sophisticated AI trading system. Its advanced features make it stand out among competitors in the following areas.

  • Superior performance – This AI bot has a reputation for superb performance. But testimonials shouldn’t be the only thing to consider when determining whether to trade with it. Do proper due diligence before investing.
  • Supports beginner and experienced traders – The testimonials also reveal that Quantum Code is easy to use.
  • No hidden fees – This platform has disclosed all its fees. The guide is accessible through a link shared at the footer of the trading dashboard.

Quantum Code is popular in many of the supported countries. This AI trading bot is only accessible in 15 countries. Visit the Quantum Code website to learn more.

Visit Quantum Code

Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System

Our research also reveals that Bitcoin Aussie System is a popular AI trading platform. This bot reportedly receives thousands of registration requests daily. Unfortunately, it has limited the number of daily signups to 20. Therefore, only lucky traders secure an account with it.

Bitcoin Aussie System was founded in Australia and was initially only available in a few other countries. It has expanded its reach to more than 100 countries in four continents in 2023. But still, its signup slots are limited due to its explosive demand.

Bitcoin Aussie System claims that it’s not in a position to keep up with the huge demand. Try your luck now and visit its site here and register if a slot is available. Keep trying your luck if the slot is unavailable during the first attempt.

The Pros of the Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System also beats other AI trading in all the crucial areas. We have summarized its pros below.

  • Amazing trading results – The testimonials given by users on Trustpilot show that it delivers superb results. But the reviews are not enough to make us conclude that it’s profitable with 100% certainty.
  • Newbie-friendly trading – Some reviews claim that Bitcoin Aussie System is built for newbie traders. You can use the AI bot successfully even if you’ve never traded before.
  • Reliable and affordable – The testimonials from users indicate that Bitcoin Aussie System is reliable. It’s also affordable and doesn’t charge any hidden fees.

This AI trading bot is also hailed for safety and customer service. You can visit the official Bitcoin Aussie System website here.

Visit Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin System

Bitcoin System

This AI trading robot has also made headlines in 2023. It seems highly popular in Europe and Asia even though it supports traders from up to five continents.

Bitcoin System speculates on CFDs on bitcoin and other digital currencies. All the pairs traded by this AI system have BTC as the base or quote currency. Bitcoin System continues to outshine the big names in the industry despite being around for less than 2 years.

This AI bot became globally available in 2023. It’s available in 65 countries only but it’s reportedly working hard to reach more than 120 countries by the end of the year.

The Bitcoin System’s AI algorithms supposedly implement sophisticated strategies to profit from all crypto volatility. This AI bot is easy to use if you can master and follow its trading strategies.

The Pros of the Bitcoin System

It seems like a good idea to ride the market volatility through this AI-driven trading platform. The top 3 advantages of trading with Bitcoin System are highlighted below.

  • Superior performance – Bitcoin System reviews reveals that it performs quite well compared to other AI trading systems.
  • Affordable trading system – Only this and a few other AI-driven crypto robots do not charge license fees. It also takes as little as USD 250 in trading capital to get started.
  • Secure and transparent – The safety of your data is guaranteed when using Bitcoin System. This Bitcoin robot is also quite transparent.


How do AI trading apps charge their fees?

AI trading platforms fees differ. Some trading bots charge a license fee that can be renewed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

The best robots could charge up to $5000 in annual license fees. But there are also some great AI crypto robots that are available for free. All the AI bots in our list are available on a free license.

AI trading bots also charge commissions on profits earned. The commission charged is anywhere between 2% and 50%.  You are lucky since the AI trading apps reviewed in this post only charge a commission of 2%.

Trading fees are charged by the broker executing the signals delivered by the AI bot. A good trading platform only works with the broker with the best fees. You will enjoy highly competitive spreads when you trade with the AI systems reviewed in this post.

How to identify the best AI trading robot for crypto

human and trading romot hands with coins

Unconfirmed reports show that there are over 900 AI crypto robots in the market today. While most of these are legit, very few have a confirmed history of superior performance.

It’s quite a challenge to identify a good platform in a sea of substandard AI trading platforms. We have done the heavy lifting for you and presented the top-rated AI robots for crypto in this post.

We’ve used foolproof criteria to come up with this list. Below are the things to look for when determining if a trading platform is worthwhile.

  1. Reputation – A good AI trading system is likely to have many positive user reviews. Avoid a platform with bad ratings.
  2. Transparency – Only a legitimate AI trading platform will disclose its fees and other crucial information. Avoid platforms that do not operate in transparency.
  3. Partner brokers – All AI trading bots operate under a financial broker. A legitimate AI trading app operates through reputable brokers.
  4. Online safety – A genuine trading platform invests in verifiable safety measures. Check if the AI trading platform’s website is secured via SSL. Also, go through their data privacy policy.
  5. Customer support – Reliable AI trading bots have friendly, easily reachable, and knowledgeable customer support. Check the reviews of the AI robot to determine if there are complaints about its customer support services.

Final word

The growth of AI in the financial sector is making trading and investing easy. There are hundreds of trading robots and robo-advisors in the market today.

A trading robot speculates on the volatility of an asset while a robo advisor is for long-term investment. The best AI trading bots and robo-advisors have a history of outperforming the world’s best traders.

You can use AI bots to trade any asset. There are AI trading bots that support the trading of all asset classes and there are those that trade only one asset class. Your choice of an AI trading platform should be informed by your preferences.

Identifying the best AI trading bot is an uphill task given the many substandard platforms out there. At least 60% of the AI trading apps in the market are sham. But you don’t have to worry since our guide will help you identify the best robot.

We must clarify that we aren’t qualified to offer financial advice. Our review of the best AI trading platforms is not a recommendation. We haven’t tested any AI crypto robot and we do not guarantee any trading outcome.

Visit Quantum Prime Profit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI trading robot?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enables computer programs to simulate human intelligence. AI robots simulate the intelligence of successful traders. These trading systems can be fully or partially automated.

Are AI trading robots worthwhile?

AI trading bots are gaining popularity fast. There are hundreds of AI trading robots in the market. Only a handful of the many AI robots in the market are worthwhile. A good AI-trading robot could turn you into a profitable trader fast.

Can I trade stock with an AI trading robot?

Some AI trading bots allow users to speculate on multiple assets including stock. Many support the trading of up to 5 asset classes. But some are specialized to trade one asset class only. The AI bots in this post are built for crypto trading.

Are AI trading robots regulated?

AI trading robots are not regulated directly since they are not financial institutions. They are tools that are used through an underlying financial broker. The regulation, therefore, happens through the broker. That’s why it’s paramount that you conduct due diligence on the linked broker before trading.