How to Add your ICO to the ICOWatchlist Platform

Due to the need for information and clarification by ICO projects on how they can have their token sale events listed on our platform, we have found it necessary to throw some light on the steps ICO projects need to take in order to get their ICOs listed. Step 1: Visit our ‘Add ICO Portal’ and have the basic info filled. Step 2: The team member making a submission on behalf of the project should add his or her first name or full names. Step 3: It is also important that the team member provides an official contact email based on the project’s website domain and not a general email address like Gmail or Yahoo. Marketing agencies would have to provide an official email based on their agency’s website domain. Step 4: The project’s website must also be added. Website should either be fully or almost fully completed by the time the project is being submitted. This is because it is mostly the content on the website that the ‘ICO Watchlist Vetting Team’ would use to either approve or reject the project and subsequently offer the project a paid listing spot. Step 5: Project description should be provided in the comment dialogue box – a three-sentence description is more than enough. Additional enquiries can also be made in the comment section. NB: The basic requirements that ICO projects have to meet to get approved can be found here and it is also important to note that our listing spots are paid for by listed projects.