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Adblurb ICO

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The Future of Advertising. Adblur helps to make marketing and advertising very easy and it reduces costs.

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ICO Dates
May 1st 2018 To May 30th 2018

Pre-ICO Dates
March 1st 2018 To March 30th 2018



Restricted Countries
United States

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Adblurb is presents a new a different way to conduct advertising and marketing. Adblurb data will be present on the company’s server based on blockchain instead of centralized servers. Adblur helps to make marketing and advertising very easy and it reduces costs. Adblurb presents multiple and unique forms of advertising that helps to reach target audiences and consumers.


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Jan 2019
AdServer update for Adblurb dedicated to publishers and advertisers that will allow them to directly trade ads using Blockchain Network and maintain Adblurb network most secured

Oct 2018
Adblurb ios and android application development and it’s launch. Along with web application, the user can access Adblurb network with mobile and other devices also

Aug 2018
The Adblurb Main Net Beta will be launched with all the services and functionality running 24•7 that will be easily reachable to everyone

Jul 2018
Adblurb token coin web and the mobile wallet application development and it’s launch. It will allow everyone to check the Adblurb Transactions over the Adblurb explorer.

Mar 2018
Beta test on the main net development and adblurb ad-server development with analytic research on market.


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